Tumut High School

Respect, Responsibility, Safety

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Student health and safety

We are committed to ensuring a safe and happy environment for your child.

We support your child’s health and safety through a range of strategies including:

For more information, visit the student wellbeing section of the department’s website.

Mrs Caitlin Larter is our Wellbeing and Health In-Reach Nurse (WHIN) at Tumut High School and can be contacted by phone on 0436 605 371 or via email; caitlin.larter@health.nsw.gov.au

WHIN is a registered nurse who provides a range of support and coordination with the aim of contributing to improved education, health, and wellbeing outcomes for children, young people and families.

Support services include mental health, allied health, community services, non-govt services, educational services, social services etc. 

Students and families can self refer and it can be a confidential service or supported through the school learning and wellbeing team. 


Like all NSW public schools, we promote the healthy development of students through:

  • school programs and practices that protect and promote health and safety
  • supporting individual students who need help with health issues
  • providing first aid and temporary care of students who become unwell or who have an accident at school.

Student wellbeing

Like all NSW public schools, we provide safe learning and teaching environments to encourage healthy, happy, successful and productive students.

The department is committed to creating quality learning opportunities for children and young people. These opportunities support wellbeing through positive and respectful relationships and fostering a sense of belonging to the school and community.

The Wellbeing Framework for Schools helps schools support the cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development of students and allows them to connect, succeed and thrive throughout their education.

Positive Behaviour for Learning

At our school, we use Positive Behaviour for Learning – a whole-school approach for creating a positive, safe and supportive school climate where students can learn and develop. Our whole school community works together to establish expected behaviours and teach them to all students.