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Fencing upgrade at Tumut High School

03 Jun 2019

Recreational access up for consideration following fencing upgrade at Tumut High

Tumut High School will be one of the latest schools in the state to have its security boosted with new fencing.

The Department of Education has announced that the fence will be installed during June.

The fence will be of a black, tubular steel design, identical to fences installed at other public schools in rural, regional and metropolitan areas.

The Department of Education is progressively upgrading fencing at schools across the state.

Gundagai South Public School, also in the Riverina region, is currently benefiting from a fencing upgrades.

Priority for fencing is assessed based on a range of data gathered by the Department.

The upgraded fencing aims to better protect the significant assets invested in school facilities as well as improving safety of students, staff and visitors during and after school hours.

While the fence will limit unauthorised access to school grounds, Tumut High School and the Department of Education recognise that school grounds can be a venue for community sporting and recreation activities.

Once the fencing is completed, the school will look for ways to facilitate access by sporting groups and other potential users. In the future, the security fence will provide a safe environment for the school and the community to enjoy the green space within the school grounds.

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